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Utility Surveys

Avoid costly delays and keep construction workers safe by getting a utility survey from the experts.

Here at Cornerstone Projects, we save you both time and money by offering comprehensive utility surveys – locating all buried underground pipes and cables including gas, electricity, and telecommunications.

Our team of experts secure the most up to date site plans in a time efficient and cost effective manner, allowing you to continue your work without a hitch.

What is a utility survey?

Utility surveying allows us to accurately locate any kind of buried utility, such as metal pipes, electricity cables and telecoms.

Being able to know the whereabouts of these underground utilities is crucial for ensuring that construction work can be carried out in a safe manner without the risk of striking anything.

Using technology such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), we are able to accurately identify any objects located underground on a certain site. This technology will send electro-magnetic waves into the ground at various frequencies, giving a location on any buried objects once transmitted back to the GPR unit.

utility survey

What are the benefits?

Utility surveying will give you the confidence to progress with a project with no fear of delays or unwanted surprises further down the line.

Our utility surveying service can also reduce the project planning time and help you meet all of the latest health and safety regulations. Being able to clearly see where any buried utilities are located will shave off important time during the planning process, and will generally help make things run smoother.

With the amount of potential risks on a construction site being high, it’s important to adhere to all of the current health and safety legislation. Failure to meet these standards could lead to legal repercussions, so it’s always recommended to follow best practise.

Minimising risks and protecting the well beings of employees should be a priority for any company, so planning ahead and identifying the risks seems like common sense.

What are the dangers of not getting a utility survey?

Having the ability to learn the whereabouts of any buried utilities can prove to be very useful on any construction project, eliminating the risk of striking said utilities and decreasing the chance of delays.

Causing a water pipe to burst or striking a live wire could not only delay the project, but has the potential to cause serious injuries. An explosion caused by an unaware worker could lead to life threatening circumstances, so being able to locate any areas of concern is so important.

On top of putting worker health and safety at risk, you’re also exposing yourself to potentially huge fines for striking and damaging utilities.

As well as bleeding money for delays on the project and even lawsuits for injured employees, you’ve got to consider the fact that a repair team will have to come and assess the damage and then fix it, which isn’t going to be free.

All of this can be avoided by getting a utility survey from the experts.

underground buried pipe

Why choose us?

Being able to draw upon years of experience in this field and building up relationships with various utility companies allows us to carry out this service in a fast but professional manner. We understand the need to get things moving along, so we offer a single point of contact for all of your utility surveying needs.

We can present this information in a variety of formats to best suit your needs, including 2D or 3D AutoCAD drawings. This pack allows you to see all of the utilities at a site on one plan, giving you a perfect overview of the site.

Our pricing for this service starts at £58.00 + VAT and we will confirm the cost with you via email before proceeding.

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