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Utility Company Performance Statistics

wdt_IDTypeCompanyAs at 20/04/21Cost - Single planCost - Combined
1Water onlyPortsmouth Water0,06£30.00n/a
2Water onlyEssex and Suffolk Water4,79£17.75n/a
3Water and SewerWelsh Water75,00£8.00£16.00
4Water onlyHartlepool Water1,14£24.00n/a
5Water and SewerWessex Water0,00£0.00£0.00
6Water onlySouth Staffs Water1,24£40.00n/a
7Water onlyCambridge Water17,00£40.00n/a
8Water and SewerSouthern Water1,45£30.00£40.00
9Water onlyMid Kent (now part of SE water)0,86£12.20n/a
10Water and SewerSouth West Water2,24£16.25n/a

*On the 20th April 2021, the system estimated a cable search to take 2.2 working days. 
*On the 20th April 2021, the system estimated an independent utility search to take 8.02 working days. 
Figures as at 20/04/2021 for average plan delivery time based on last 5 responses received from Cornerstone Projects Ltd. Costs are for sites no larger than 200mx200m. Prices ex VAT