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Smart PDF Drawings

Love the thought of one combined drawing but want an option other than just AutoCAD?

Introducing our Smart PDF service.

Essentially, you will be provided with an Adobe.pdf drawing of your location plan (with full background mapping) showing all the different utilities you have ordered.

The utilities will be colour coded for ease of viewing, and you will be able to turn the different utility layers on and off as you require via a simple key mechanism.

The cost starts from £35.00 + VAT per site on top of the cost of the CAD pack. 

The benefits of smart PDF

  • The Smart PDF gives you a full overview of all utilities on site
  • The Smart PDF makes it easier to see the interaction between utilities
  • The Smart PDF will show the utilities in layers allowing you to turn them on or off individually
  • The Smart PDF is more universally accessible than AutoCAD
  • Many utilities can be transposed directly from the utility plan and will include further information (e.g. depths, voltages)
  • You will receive your CAD drawing (.dwg) alongside your Smart PDF

How it works

Firstly, you must order a CAD drawing with OS background mapping (Costing from £66.00 + VAT for a standard site for CAD and £27.00 + VAT for OS background mapping unless you can provide this).

When we draw your CAD, we draw all the utilities you have ordered from us. From the CAD drawing, our experts convert this to the Smart PDF like the sample on this page.

Please note: The Smart PDF is only intended to show the location and type of utilities – it does not provide all detailed information such as pipe / cable sizes etc.

Before any excavations next to utilities shown on the CAD drawing the original pdf utility search plans should be consulted.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about this service or want to try it for yourself, download a free sample report from the right hand side of this page, or contact us today. A member of the team will be in touch shortly.