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Legal Conveyancers

Are you a conveyancer looking for utility searches?

Cornerstone Projects play an important part in helping Legal Conveyancers prepare their property reports for their clients.

It’s not uncommon for those developing land or purchasing property to request a full utility search survey to establish what pipes and cable lie beneath the ground. Indeed, most solicitors/conveyancers will offer this as part of their due diligence.

However, not all Legal Conveyancers are geared up to administrate the plans internally, so they call upon Cornerstone to take care of this.

Outsourcing to us can improve cost efficiencies, speed up the completion of utility reports, improve the quality of their searches and free their staff up to focus on higher value jobs. Are you ready to save valuable time and leave the rest to us?

How Cornerstone can help

  • Cornerstone supply a basic search that will cover the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.
  • We can also supply a full cable search if required in city/urban areas.
  • Basic searches are generally returned within 1-5 working days and cable searches within 7-10 working days.
  • Completed searches are presented in a simple to read and accessible .pdf format.
  • No obligation quotes are available instantly on-line and confirmed back via email within 20 minutes.
  • We can also provide a CAD drawing service to enable the utilities to be added to other CAD reports and providing an overview of the site showing all the utilities present.
  • We can now also produce a smart.PDF from the CAD drawing that enables you to see an overview in .pdf and turn different utility layers on and off.

What does a basic search cover?

  • Our basic search covers the main utilities, however, you can opt to remove services if you already have plans.
  • Cable and Independent Utilities options are available if required.
  • Our standard search covers up to 200m around a point.
  • We cover projects of any size.


Why use Cornerstone?

  • Speed is of the essence to ensure there are NO delays to your projects.
  • The way we process our searches, there will be no one quicker than us.
  • Some basic searches will be back within 1 working day, with a UK average of 3 working days.
  • We provide the fastest search possible and will not entice you with promises of more expensive, faster searches when they are simply NOT achievable.
  • We offer an additional “Instant Access plans” service where we will share individual plans as they come in.
  • With a cable search (that tends to take longer), for a small fee of £5+VAT, you can order an ‘interim pack’ containing the main utilities once they have been received.
  • For high volume users, we even offer a GIS mapping library for managing and posting searches to improve access for your employees when in the field.

Easy to use

The key to the success is the speed and efficiency of reporting and making sure that the right information is given to the right person in the correct format.

  • Our online ordering system allows quotes and orders to be processed within minutes.
  • The system is secure and has fail-safe checks to ensure the right search location is covered.


We understand that keeping costs to a minimum is extremely important.

  • Our fees start at £58.00+Vat plus disbursements.
  • All disbursements are charged at cost (we are transparent in our pricing and only make our margin from our fees).
  • We do also offer volume discounts.
  • For statutory undertakers (or those working on their behalf), we may be able to request plans for free with the appropriate letters of authority.
  • Comparing the cost of outsourcing to us vs. the resource required in-house may surprise you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are utility searches for legal conveyancers?

For legal conveyancers, utility searches act as a crucial risk mitigation tool during property transactions. They involve identifying and mapping the exact location of buried infrastructure like electricity cables, gas pipes, water mains, and sewer lines.

Why are utility searches important for legal conveyancers?

Utility searches are vital for legal conveyancers, acting as a shield against financial risks, safety hazards, and potential legal disputes. They protect clients from unforeseen costs due to damaged utilities during construction, prevent accidents by revealing hidden dangers, and fulfil due diligence obligations.

Furthermore, these searches enhance client satisfaction by demonstrating a commitment to their well-being and differentiate your services by showcasing comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. Ultimately, utility searches contribute to smoother transactions and ensure the success of your clients’ property endeavours.

In what situations would legal conveyancers require utility searches?

Legal conveyancers would require utility searches in any situation where the property transaction involves:

  • Excavation or construction: This includes activities like building extensions, laying foundations, or installing swimming pools, all of which could potentially damage buried utilities.
  • Renovation work: Even seemingly minor renovations like bathroom or kitchen remodels can disrupt underground infrastructure if its location is unknown.
  • Granting easements or rights of way: Understanding the location of utilities is crucial before granting access to third parties for specific purposes, preventing potential conflicts and ensuring safe execution of their activities.
  • Sale or purchase of land: Identifying potential conflicts with planned development or construction activities on the property is essential to inform informed decision-making for all parties involved.

Essentially, any conveyancing transaction where there’s a possibility of interacting with the ground necessitates a utility search to mitigate risks, protect clients, and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.