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Instant Access Plans

Time efficient, accurate utility plans – as soon as we get them…

Ever desperately needed to see individual utility plans when they come in before your pack is complete?

Our Instant Access utility plans service will cover this. You will be able to access your utility plans as soon as we receive them – usually starting within minutes of your order with us.

The benefits

Some of the benefits of our Instant Access service include:

  • May allow you/your client to start work earlier
  • Could stop unnecessary delays for you/your client
  • Gives you greater control over your projects

All underground utility search plans are all saved in one place and accessible from any web-enabled device.

How it works

Our system and processes will prioritise your search, meaning your utility search will be processed within 15 minutes from order confirmation.

As soon as individual utility responses are received by us, they will be checked and uploaded to a dedicated and secure online customer folder. Our target is under 60 mins, and you will receive an email notification of this.

Within your folder, you will find your partial utility plan which can be downloaded onto your own PC/network.

When the last plan is received, we will mark your pack complete and again notify you.

The cost is £50.00+VAT (usually £70.00+VAT) per site (in addition to the utilities search cost) until further notice.


Here’s an example

The search requested was a basic and cable search covering:

  • Gas – National Grid
  • Water – Thames Water
  • Sewer – Thames Water
  • Electric – UK Power
  • BT
  • Linesearch
  • Full cable

This was the timing of the search…

Day 1
  1. Order placed with Cornerstone at 10.50 am
  2. All searches ordered by 11.05 am
  3. BT response uploaded to the folder at 11.40 am
  4. National Grid response uploaded at 11.50 am
  5. UK Power response uploaded at 12.05 pm
  6. Virgin Media response uploaded at 12.15 pm
  7. Interoute response received at 1.10 pm and uploaded at 2.05 pm
Day 2
  1. KPN response received at 9.20 am and uploaded at 9.45 am
  2. BskyB response received at 9.25 am and uploaded at 9.45 am
  3. CGI/Logica response received at 10.10 am and uploaded at 10.40 am
  4. Energetic response received at 11.40 am and uploaded at 12.10 pm
  5. Verizon response received at 1.10 pm and uploaded at 1.45 pm
  6. Thames Water response received at 2.10 pm and uploaded at 2.20 pm
  7. Call from Dedicated Account Manager to state that the basic utilities have all responses at 2.35 pm
  8. Vodafone response received at 4.00 pm and uploaded at 4.30 pm
Day 3
  1. Trafficmaster (affected) response received at 10.20 am and uploaded at 10.30 am
  2. Level3, Global Crossing (UK) Ltd, Global Crossing PEC, Fibrenet UK Ltd and Fibrespan Ltd response received at 11.05 am and uploaded at 11.30 am
Day 5
  1. CityFibre response received at 09.10 am and uploaded at 10.05 am
Day 7
  1. GTT response received at 3.05 pm and uploaded at 3.10 pm
  2. Vtesse response received at 3.30 pm and uploaded at 3.45 pm
Day 8
  1. Colt response received at 10.25 am and uploaded at 10.40 am
Day 10
  1. Tata and Sota responses received at 09.45 am and uploaded at 10.15 am
  2. Telia Sonera response received at 2.15 pm and uploaded at 2.30 pm
  3. Call from Dedicated Account Manager to state that search has concluded at 2.35 pm

Please note not all searches are so quick – this depends on the order process as well as the performance of the utility companies at that time. Instant access response for larger sites will take longer as multiple responses need to be checked and uploaded.