Utility Company Performance Statistics


*On the 7th Oct 2019, the system estimated a cable search to take 6.18 working days.  This was 0.74 days slower than the last sample day (03 Sep 19).
**On the 7th Oct 2019, the system estimated an independent utilities search to take 8.22 working days.  This was 0.04 working days slower than the last sample day (03 Sep 19)..
***From 1/4/2017 Cornerstone now authorised providers of Scottish Water plans
****During April 17, New ordering system for SGN means plans instant from April 2017
*****During August 17, New ordering system for UK Power means plans instant from mid August 17 – Price also dropped for £75+VAT to £41.66+VAT
******During January 18, UK Power Distribution increased it’s price from £9.00 to £12.50
********During May 18, Bournemouth and Hamps, Welsh Water, Northumbrian Water, South Staffs Water and Essex and Suffolk Water all changed their prices
*********During October 18, Thames Water changed it’s price
**********During November 18, Severn Trent took over Dee Valley am renamed it Hafren dyfrdwy and made it’s prices in line with Severn Trent
***********On April 1 2019, Northumrian Water, South East Water and United Utilities increased their prices. Welsh Water decreased their prices
************On May 1 2019, Wales and West Gas increased the price for £0 to £36
*************From March 1 2019, GTT now provide plans including old Interoute and Vtesse assests. They only charge for affected plans.
**************During September1 2019, A new ordering system means plans are instant for Severn Trent. The cost has also reduced from £30.00+VAT to £25.00+VAT for a combined plan at the same time.
Figures as at 07/10/2019 for average plan delivery time based on last 5 responses received from Cornerstone Projects Ltd. Costs are for sites no larger than 200mx200m. Prices ex VAT.

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