How The Utility Companies Performed as at 05/09/17

*10.60 working days average last month to fulfil a cable search (1.03 days faster than 2 Aug)
**9.24 working days average last month to fulfil a IU search (2.5 working days slower than 2 Aug)
***From 1/4/2017 Cornerstone now authorised providers of Scottish Water plans.
****During April 17, New ordering system means plans instant from April 2017.
*****During August 17, New ordering system for UK Power means plans instant from mid August 17 – Price also dropped for £75+VAT to £41.66+VAT
Figures as at 05/09/2017 for average plan delivery time based on last 5 responses received from Cornerstone Projects Ltd.

Costs of plans refer to cost of standard plan (typically no more than 200m by 200m).

Check out how the utility companies performed as at August 2017 here.

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