Many customers have asked us why we automatically produce and issue interim packs prior to issuing completed utility search packs. Some feel that this can cause confusion as to which pack is which, others that the emails and files clog up email inboxes and storage whilst being of little added value. Read on to see how we’re resolving this and improving our service!

Historically, we sent an interim pack for searches that included cable and or Independent Utilities. An interim pack is triggered when the main utilities (Gas, Water, Sewer, BT and Electric) are complete, which is usually on average anywhere between 1 and 4 working days.  The final pack would then be sent around 8-10 working days.

Like many businesses, we have seen significant rises in our costs over the last couple of years – mainly due to an increase in rates, energy and insurance bills as well as staff and pension costs. Most businesses pass these costs on through regular annual increases in their pricing but we’ve managed to hold our basic fee of £58.00+VAT* for over 5 years and want to continue offering a great value service.

To address both issues we have decided to charge a small fee for the production of INTERIM PACKS. Interim packs are now OPTIONAL for a further small fee of £5.00+VAT. The option to order an interim pack is now part of the on-line ordering process.

Doing things this way allows us to tackle our increased costs in the fairest way possible and keep offering one of the cheapest and fastest underground utility services in the UK.

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