New interface now live!

We have taken the decision to further improve our customer experience by introducing a simple but powerful mapping interface to our enquiry system.

The new interface will provide the following benefits:

No need to provide grid references – providing a postcode will open a location map and give a grid reference.
No need to produce and upload a plan (although you can if it’s easier) – you will now be able to draw the site boundary on the map system

We have also simplified the process for choosing the search options, making it quicker and easier to use.

Cable Fee Price Change

To date we have charged a supplementary fee of £13.50+VAT on top of our basic search fee of £58.00+VAT* to cover a cable/fibre search.

We are raising this to £23.50+VAT from 13/05/19 due to the increased administration of ordering and purchasing plans with an ever-increasing number of cable and fibre providers.

Overall, cable search costs have come down significantly in the last month due to changes in disbursement prices.

*Fee of £58.00+VAT covers a basic search of Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer, BT and oil and petroleum pipelines no larger than 200m by 200m.