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GS6 Overhead Height Requests

Planning work near Overhead Lines?

We can now help obtain overhead electric cable heights (GS6 guidance) from the relevant utility company for £23.50 per crossing. If the utility company is able to provide us with clearance heights and any other safety information, we will provide a report detailing this. If a site visit is required by one of their engineers, we will facilitate this by sharing contact details with relevant personnel.

PLEASE NOTE there is a legal requirement that work should only be carried out near to live overhead lines when there is no alternative and when risks are acceptable and can be properly controlled. A precautionary approach should always be taken along with consultation with the owner of the line.

PLEASE CONSULT the full GS6 Guidance notes at before working near overhead lines.

If you wish to proceed with a GS6 overhead line height request, please register or login into your account and click GS6 Overhead Line Heights and follow the on-screen prompts.