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Free Coal Authority Search

Utility search providers for the Coal Authority

We have been working with the Coal Authority for several years now providing utility searches to support their remediation works.

The Coal Authority has always been keen on promoting a coal/mining search as part of any planning for design and excavations. They report several instances where construction/development projects have encountered significant problems and delays due to mine shafts, mining subsidence etc.

On their advice and with their support we have decided to offer a FREE search to determine whether your site may be affected by historical mine workings. If it is, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Consultant’s report produced by the Coal Authority from £112.60 +VAT (inclusive of our admin fee of £12.60 +VAT).

The Consultant’s report provides details of past, present and future underground coal mining. It includes seam name, depths of seam, extraction thickness and the year(s) the seam was worked. It also indicates any shallow and probable shallow workings, mine entries and any previous claims for coal mining subsidence damage

To take advantage of this, simply commit to a full utility search, select “Coal Search” when selecting your search options. If it is affected, we will confirm this and the cost in your quote/order confirmation email. Let us know if you want the report and we will add the cost to your order and include the report with the utility search pack.