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Disconnections / Diversions

Do you require utility disconnections for site clearance?

We can obtain quotes (on your behalf) for any utility disconnections or utility diversions that may be necessary for site clearance, demolition works or new developments. This can be very time consuming so we offer a single point of contact for all the relevant utilities.

Fees are as follows.

Single utility Our fee of £150+VAT plus utility disbursement
2 utilities Our fee of £240+VAT plus utility disbursements
3 utilities Our fee of £320+VAT plus utility disbursements
4 utilities Our fee of £380+VAT plus utility disbursements
5 utilities Our fee of £440+VAT plus utility disbursements
6 utilities Our fee of £500+VAT plus utility disbursements

Please note we will always confirm the cost with you by email before proceeding.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are disconnections and diversions in construction projects?

Disconnections and diversions involve the relocation or removal of existing utility services such as gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications to facilitate construction activities. These services may need to be temporarily disconnected or diverted to accommodate the construction process.

Why are disconnections and diversions necessary?

Disconnections and diversions are necessary to avoid damage to existing utility services during construction activities. They ensure the safety of workers and the public and minimise disruption to essential services.

What types of utility services may require disconnection or diversion?

Utility services that may require disconnection or diversion during construction projects include water supply pipes, sewer lines, gas mains, electrical cables, telecommunications cables, and drainage systems.

How long do disconnections and diversions typically take to complete?

The duration of disconnections and diversions varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the works, the number of utility services involved, and the availability of resources. Some projects may require only a few days to complete, while others may take several weeks or months.

What are the potential challenges or risks associated with disconnections and diversions?

Challenges and risks associated with disconnections and diversions include unforeseen underground obstructions, coordination issues with utility providers, adverse weather conditions, delays in obtaining permits and approvals, and the potential for service disruptions.