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Pre-Development (Capacity Check)

Does your development have sufficient local network capacity?

As well as underground utility searches, we also offer a service to assess whether the relevant water, sewer, electric and gas companies (you can select which) have sufficient existing local network capacity for the loads generated by your new or proposed development.

This information can be vital in ensuring the proposed development is viable in the early pre-planning stages. Some utilities also provide a budget estimate as part of their pre-development check: – we will supply these costs wherever possible.

Fees are as follows.

Single utility Our fee of £150+VAT plus utility disbursement
2 utilities Our fee of £225+VAT plus utility disbursements
3 utilities Our fee of £300+VAT plus utility disbursements
4 utilities Our fee of £350+VAT plus utility disbursements

Please note – we will always confirm the cost with you by email before proceeding.


Why choose us?

We offer a comprehensive utility database with market-leading prices and fast response times. As nationwide underground utility search experts, we have completed over 38,000 searches for more than 1,500 registered businesses, in accordance with PAS 128 survey level D.

We provide customers with free and instant no-obligation quotes 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with the opportunity for online ordering making it even more hassle-free. We also offer a comprehensive search choice, fast response times and professional PDF search reports.

Prices include free telephone support, in which experts are on hand to help customers with their underground utility searches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capacity check?

A capacity check is an assessment of the ability of utility networks to cope with the increased demand of a new development. This is important to ensure that the development does not overload the existing infrastructure and cause problems such as water shortages or power outages.

Why is a capacity check important?

Carrying out a capacity check in the early stages of a development project can save time and money in the long run. It can help to identify any potential problems with the existing infrastructure early on, so that they can be addressed before construction begins. This can avoid the need for costly and disruptive remedial work later on.

What does a capacity check involve?

A capacity check typically involves a site survey to assess the existing utility networks, as well as an analysis of the projected demand of the new development. Cornerstone Projects uses a variety of methods to carry out capacity checks, including:

  • Examining water mains and sewer lines
  • Assessing the capacity of electrical substations
  • Reviewing gas network infrastructure

What are the benefits of using Cornerstone Projects for a capacity check?

Cornerstone Projects has extensive experience in carrying out capacity checks for a wide range of developments. We also offer a competitive pricing structure and a fast turnaround time for reports.

How can I get a quote for a capacity check?

You can request a free quote for a capacity check by registering using the button below.