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How to build a happy and productive construction workforce

Posted on 22/05/2018 at 11:04 AM by in Blog

Are you looking after your workers?

A construction project is nothing without it’s workers, so ensuring a productive (and happy) workforce is essential for getting a project finished on time.

With that being said, we’ve decided to look into a few different ways you can keep your workers in positive spirits and make sure your team is running smoothly.

Health & safety is priority

The most important piece of advice we could give you when it comes to making sure your workforce is happy is to put their health and safety first.

Feeling unsafe in a working environment will undoubtably put anyone in a bad mood, and rightly so. Providing your workers with the correct PPE they need to carry out tasks and making sure the site is safe will go a long way in making your workers feel like their safety matters to you.

Your workforce is not just numbers on a spreadsheet, they’re a team of dedicated people who are working together to get the job done. Making their health and safety a priority will only improve their feelings towards you and you should see an increase in productivity once it’s been taken care of.

Pay them what they deserve

Money talks, and you will struggle to see a highly motivated team if you are not paying them the wage that they deserve.

As we all know, working in the construction industry can be a tough job and requires a lot of hard work. Therefore, we all want to see our hard work payed off in the form of a nice number in our bank balances at the end of the month.

Workers who are not getting paid what they feel like they deserve will lose any sense of loyalty to a team and will likely jump ship when an offer for more money arises. Paying your staff a competitive wage will make your workers feel a sense of appreciation for their hard work and can make them more loyal to the company.

Incentives such as bonuses or paid days off can also work as great motivations for getting a project finished early or under budget. Paying your workers well will ultimately benefit you as well as them.

Offer opportunities to improve

To get the most out of your employees, you should be providing the opportunity to better themselves and progress within the company.

A lot of workers can get complacent in their roles, so it’s always good to allow them to pursue extra training to improve their skills. Developing your staff will see a big boost in morale, making them feel valued and should result in an improvement of their work.

Building up your workforce and promoting from within will also improve loyalty to the company and shows that hard work really does pay off. Allowing your workers to grow and better themselves is a better move in the long run than bringing in somebody new to fill a role.

Provide the right tools

It should go without saying, but your workforce should not be operating with old equipment or out of date systems.

Any company that is not providing their workers with the optimum equipment to carry out tasks is doing it wrong. Having to put up with faulty or slow equipment puts workers in a bad mood and can lead to a lot of frustration being built up. The inability to carry out their jobs in an efficient and quick manner is very annoying, and often sees a decrease in morale.

Providing them with the latest systems and efficient equipment will see a big boost in productivity and the work life of your employees. You’d be surprised by the effect that updating equipment can have.

Make them feel heard

Lastly, your employees should be able to come to you with any issues or problems they have at work.

Allowing staff to talk to you and encouraging feedback is vital in ensuring a happy workforce. Your employees need to feel like they are heard, and this means acting on any problems or issues they’ve come to you with.

Your workforce is the people that are on-site every day and facing the issues, so their feedback is crucial to running a smooth operation. Scheduling team meetings is a great way to promote communication and make it really feel like a team, establishing a positive relationship between you and your workers.

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