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Cornerstone completes it’s 40,000th utility search

Posted on 10/06/2017 at 12:46 PM by in Blog News

During September 2017, Cornerstone Projects Ltd saw it’s 40,000th underground utility search go through its books. Over the 13 years or so in business, this means the Cornerstone Projects team have ordered and checked over a 1/3 of a million individual plans from the utility companies. And this doesn’t take into account that a lot of these sites may be many km long / wide thus requiring more plans than usual. And on top of that Cornerstone Projects has also completed thousands of CAD drawings, hundreds of Section 50, capacity checks, connection and disconnections requests and a significant volume of Scottish Water plans.

Cornerstone Projects started in 2004 when its founder, Duncan Phillips, came up with the idea of offering Underground Utility Searches whilst managing a small engineering design team in his previous role. His team regularly had to contact the utilities for their plans and he soon realised how much hassle and time this takes.

Duncan said…

“This is a huge milestone personally and I’m very proud of how strong the business is today. I created the business on the back of the pain I went through in my early career. We have a very efficient process that saves our clients time, money and hassle and it is pleasing to see a growing customer base and satisfied customers. We have some significant ideas in the pipeline and I’m confident that more growth and success is to come.”

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