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About Us

What is the story behind Cornerstone Projects?


Cornerstone Projects started in 2004 when it’s founder, Duncan Phillips, came up with the idea of offering Underground Utility Searches whilst managing a small engineering design team in his previous role. His team regularly had to contact the utilities for their plans and he soon realised how much hassle and time this took. He quickly turned this idea into action, and with over 35,000 searches completed to date, has built systems and internal processes that are the envy of the industry.

We now provide hundreds of desktop underground utility reports (sometimes known as statutory undertakers reports or STATS reports) per week for anyone needing to locate buried underground utilities such as electricity cables, gas pipes, water mains, sewers etc. This may be necessary at the acquisition, feasibility, design or construction phase of a project.

We collate information from all the relevant utility companies on your behalf and compile a pack of information and plans for each site – check our sample report here.

It is a requirement by the Health and Safety Executive to obtain information on buried utilities, services and apparatus that may exist before starting work – check the HSE advice here.

Knowing the whereabouts of buried plant will also help to avoid potentially expensive damage to underground plant as well as the related cost of the delay and disruption.

See which types of companies benefit from this service in our sectors and clients sections, whom we deal with day to day.

We provide a comprehensive utility search including water, gas, electricity, sewers, telecoms, petroleum pipes and cable. We can also cover any special requirements you may have – for example, mining reports.

We also offer a host of additional searches including help with utility connections, disconnections/diversions, capacity checks and Section 50 applications.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


We want to be the UK’s leading supplier of utility plans. We will passionately challenge and disrupt the competition, as we make underground utility plans and associated services more accessible to more clients.


We manage utility location and/or developer services for the purposes of planning and safe design & excavation. We aim to offer the fastest, most comprehensive service at the lowest possible price, supported by leading on-line technology and peerless customer service.


Our Values What this means?
Agile We understand that our size and culture give us an advantage over our competitors. We are alert, think outside the box and react quickly to changes in the market, customers and processes. We are then bold and willing enough to adapt and change swiftly to continually improve and to maximise new opportunities in a productive and cost-effective way.
First time, every time We understand that accuracy is everything and ensure we follow our exact and effective processes to enable us to produce a quality product. If errors occur we are honest about them and we learn and make things stronger. We also share information and continually update our knowledge/skill sets.
Respect We respect our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers and the company. We behave appropriately and professionally in our business environment. We also collaborate with, are honest with, and support each other effectively to achieve our common goals.
Accountable We are empowered and responsible to finish each and every job we own to the highest quality. We also ensure that our costs and revenues are managed effectively allowing us to continue to offer the best possible service and lowest possible price.