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A Survey on Construction Delays

Managing large scale projects in an uncertain post Brexit economy is challenging and wild fluctuations in the value of the pound certainly don’t help but a recent article on the Designing Buildings WIKI has highlighted that delays may be the biggest problem facing the UK construction industry.

The article cited a 2001 report by the Controller and Auditor General which found that 70% of government projects were delivered late and listed 13 possible causes of delays.

That report is nearly 16 years out of date so we at Cornerstone Projects have created a short survey that will bring these statistics up to date and broaden them to include non government projects, whilst at the same time highlighting the biggest causes of delays in current large scale projects.

This survey was carried out across our own customers and contacts during this summer and the results of the survey can be viewed here.

This survey is now been reopened and we welcome participants from across the construction industry.


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